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Sports bags

img_20160207_130859I’m glad I already wrote that I’d participate in this year’s Bag Sew Along over at Katharina’s blog I think otherwise the bags I’ll show you wouldn’t exist. Sewing bags just isn’t that much fun for me as sewing clothes is. I don’t know what it is but it is really hard for me to get motivated when it comes to sewing bags. And this month’ theme is sports bags. I have a great and functioning sports bag. I is huge and I once bought it when I needed it to carry my sports clothes and my university stuff. Continue reading


img_20160110_122019I am not quite sure how to start this post. I think first I have to explain to you something special/peculiar about the German sewing blogger scene. When German bloggers talk about ‘Sew Alongs’ they don’t mean those American/Canadian/english speaking Sew Alongs were one persons posts about making a garment to explain the process to others. It is more like one persons says: ‘hey let’s sew dresses for Christmas’ (as an example) and then everyone sews different dresses reporting back about their progress every week. Continue reading