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Tosti Winter Jacket

I made a real winter jacket! Yes, a real one this time, it even has a hood ;) I finished it at the end of last year, but it has been scarily warm here the last month and I wanted to test the jacket under real conditions so that some time passed between making this jacket and showing it here. As I’m really proud of how it turned out and it took a lot of my time and nerves and all the materials where so super expensive I felt that I should take my time with this post :) Continue reading

Perfetto Mona

Last time I visited my favorite fabric shop in Moers summer was about to start and all the winter fabrics were on sale. So I found this navy blue wool fabric that has little light blue cotton dots on it. I don’t remember how much it actually cost, but it was less than 10 €/m. And as I only wanted 1 m and there were 1,5 m left of the fabric I got 1,5 m for the price of 1 m. You see, it has a reason why this is my favorite shop ;) Initially I wanted to make a skirt from the fabric, but now that I had 1,5 m I changed my plans and made a jacket. Continue reading

Softshell Jacket

I had been thinking for a while about sewing one of those softshell jackets. Everybody has one and you can buy them anywhere here in Germany. I already have a memade raincoat in my closet, but after wearing it for a while I realized that it lets too much wind through and I can only wear it, when it is above 18 °C. So my holiday was coming up and I thought a softshell jacket would be practical to have. And so I had a goal and not that much time to achieve it. This is how tales of exciting adventures start, haha. Continue reading


img_20151019_154644I made another jacket, hähähähä! In my mind sewing jackets is even more fun than sewing button ups or jeans. The only problem is that they take a lot of space in closets and that you really cannot justify having more than let’s say 6 jackets per season ;) Another problem with me and my jackets is that I my bike every morning an afternoon and that I need jackets that are warm, water and draftproof. Continue reading

Rigel Bomber

img_20150920_152140Today I’ll tell you another story of a pattern that I didn’t buy because I thought it was expensive Rigel Bomber by Papercut Patterns. In my mind Papercut sold their patterns for around 20 € each and that was just too expensive for me. It was even so expensive that it took a pattern as beautiful as the Rigel Bomber to lure me back on their shop site. I was really astonished when I learned that the PDF pattern cost only 11 €, peanuts! Ha! I don’t know why I thought the patterns cost so much more, but this isn’t the first time that has happened to me. Continue reading

Denim Jacket

IMG_3431There are a few things concerning sewing that I have great respect for. Or even fear of. They are like holy Grails, I totally wanna make and have them but they seem so unachievable. This was the case with jeans for example or bras. And when I make bras and jeans I’m still not totally pleased with they way they turned out right after having finished them. It’s like I have a vision in my head that is just unachievable. However, another thing on that list was denim jackets! I love wearing them, unfortunately they are always too short and end at my belly button when I buy them in stores. Continue reading