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Rosarí Skirt

So, I decided after finishing Marvin’s Shorts that rather than making him another pair I was going to make myself a new skirt first from the leftovers of the shorts’ fabric. You see, unlike a normal person I do not use bookmarks in my browser, instead I leave tabs open, which results in a lot of open tabs ;) It really is a mess. In one tab I have had the website showing all the beautiful designs of Pauline Alice open for a long time now and now was the change to actually buy a pattern and close that tab :) Continue reading

Softshell Jacket

I had been thinking for a while about sewing one of those softshell jackets. Everybody has one and you can buy them anywhere here in Germany. I already have a memade raincoat in my closet, but after wearing it for a while I realized that it lets too much wind through and I can only wear it, when it is above 18 °C. So my holiday was coming up and I thought a softshell jacket would be practical to have. And so I had a goal and not that much time to achieve it. This is how tales of exciting adventures start, haha. Continue reading

Pleather Skirt

img_20160429_130429The reason why I didn’t mention the pattern in this post’s title is to get you at least a little bit excited. I might have sewn another pattern that I already have like 5 times in my closet, oh well. But as this project started with the fabric, I will tell you its story starting with the fabric. Believe me, this fabric is special. I found it in my favorite fabric store, which is located in Moers. I used to live nearby, but when we started working, Marvin and I moved like 400 km south. Even though I found fabric stores near where I live now, this fabric store has remained my favorite one. Continue reading

Minoru Raincoat

img_20160424_112133Recently I was looking for a fabric that I could use as curtains for our new living room. Buying interior decoration stuff is always hard with Marvin. He always settles on earth tones and I want to have a living room that looks like the Villa Villekulla! I don’t know how he does it but in the end he won and I ordered some beige/brown curtain fabric at Stoff&Stil To recover from this unpleasant experience I ordered one (or two.. or three) colorful fabrics together with the curtain fabric. You know I didn’t want the Stoff&Stil staff to worry about me. I didn’t have a choice really! Continue reading

Wedding: Minoru Jacket

KuM0222At the end of December I began to rethink if my wedding dress paired with my cardigan would really be warm enough in February. The winter had come and I began to remember what that felt like. We had some really warm days in January and my hopes went up that maybe in February it wouldn’t be as cold as I’d thought. In the end I was so relieved to have sewn a real jacket for the wedding, because it was cold and it was raining. Continue reading

Anémone and Renfrew

img_20160122_160418I sewed a skirt! I already announced that I will sew a lot a skirts this winter, so no one is allowed to complain ;) When it comes to skirts I would love to only sew Hollyburns and Kellys and Brumbys, but well I don’t want to bore myself and everyone else and so I told myself that it was time for a fresh skirt pattern and I chose: Anémone. Anémone is a Deer&Doe pattern and seeing so many beautiful versions of it in the Internet made me want to try it. Continue reading

Hollyburn and Nettie

img_20151122_155452Today’s post has everything! A pattern that I’ve already made several times, a skirt and a new pattern! But there is almost no blue colour in it today. But a lot of red which seems to be my favourite colour as soon as temperatures drop and believe me: they’re dropping like mad these days. It is freezing here over in Germany. But well, there is no bad weather there is only inappropriate clothing! A good reason to sew something new to keep me from freezing ;) Continue reading


img_20151019_154644I made another jacket, hähähähä! In my mind sewing jackets is even more fun than sewing button ups or jeans. The only problem is that they take a lot of space in closets and that you really cannot justify having more than let’s say 6 jackets per season ;) Another problem with me and my jackets is that I my bike every morning an afternoon and that I need jackets that are warm, water and draftproof. Continue reading

3 Belcarras

img_20150809_175601When I started my new job back in July it was so hot! It still is! And you know how I love a good reason to sew some new clothes, right? ;) So I decided that, as I have nothing decent to wear with this weather, I needed something new! Something breezy but not too casual! I didn’t want a t-shirt but I wanted the comfort of a t-shirt! I found what I wanted over at Sewaholic, the Belcarra Blouse. And because I was really desperate (because I had nothing to wear! ;)) I made three of them. Continue reading


img_20150726_180255A short while ago Tasia from Sewaholic published new product photos of older patterns. I liked those of the  Cambie Dress so much, that I decided to sew me another one. I don’t wear the two Cambie dresses I sewed before that often (here the red one, here the black one). Somehow I feel overdressed in them. But those new product pictures made the pattern look so casual that I decided to give the pattern another try. Continue reading