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Jean Jacket Burda 7018

img_20161016_170933A little over a year ago I sewed my first denim jacket. Oh how proud I was! I since wore the jacket often and it is one of my favorite pieces (and again, what isn’t?). But I always had the intention of making another, improved version of this jacket. I wanted pockets, a better fabric and most important: real jean jacket wrist cuffs. The first version was more of a trial. When I was looking for a pattern I didn’t find anything that wasn’t Burda. And with Burda I always need a trial run, especially when I’m sewing something a little more sophisticated like a jean jacket ;) Continue reading

Denim Jacket

IMG_3431There are a few things concerning sewing that I have great respect for. Or even fear of. They are like holy Grails, I totally wanna make and have them but they seem so unachievable. This was the case with jeans for example or bras. And when I make bras and jeans I’m still not totally pleased with they way they turned out right after having finished them. It’s like I have a vision in my head that is just unachievable. However, another thing on that list was denim jackets! I love wearing them, unfortunately they are always too short and end at my belly button when I buy them in stores. Continue reading


img_20150502_164105I have a lot of denim fabrics in my stash! I’m always on the lookout for denims that look good as a pair jeans without having this used-look. Because that is really hard to obtain. Or rather: I don’t want to try to make my new pair of jeans look used. Anyhow I have so many fabrics in my stash because after my last attempts I was kind of frustrated with sewing jeans. The sewing is really fun but the results were, well, not what I expected. Continue reading