Ginger and Renfrew

img_20160206_153408Oh yes, I sewed another pair of jeans. Or two! And this time the pants are actually plain blue! Incredible isn’t it? After a time of red and tie-dyed Ginger jeans it finally hit me that it is time to make some regular old pants! And so last time I went to the fabric markets I kept my eyes open for some dark blue denim and I found some beautiful pieces, indigo died stretch denim for 12.50 € per 1.5 m.I don’t feel like i have to even mention that those are ClosetCaseFiles Ginger Jeans, because i am not making any other Jeans pattern for the rest of my life! Just look how awesome the fit is! I didn’t change much to the original pattern. I cut size 8, lengthened a lot and made the crotch seam like 1 cm longer and that’s it!


I think I got lucky with this fabric. Buying denim you never know what you will get. Some have great recovery others don’t. I already had both and there’s nothing that I hate more than washing my pants after only one wear. Especially if I have to do so because of poor recovery of the fabric and especially more when I have to wash them because I again spilled coffee on them!

img_20160206_153313 img_20160206_153306

I think I got a good one recovery-wise here and I sure hope it stays that way!

img_20160129_133853 img_20160129_133901

This time i cut the inner waistband from denim too. At the moment I prefer that look because I think it looks more professional. Colorful fabric waistband are more fun though! I made good for that lack by using one of my most holy fabric treasures to cut the pockets! Look at those colours awwww!

img_20160129_134023 img_20160129_133911

Apart from hat there is nothing to say about this make that hasn’t been said before. I worked through the awesome Sew Along who leaves no questions unanswered. When I had applied the pockets I basted everything together and checked the fit (which was awesome oh yeah!) and all in all I had a lot of fun!


I used my favorite topstitching yarn. You know here in Germany everyone loves Gütermann obviously but I#m not to convinced by their topstitching thread, it is a little too thick for my taste (and ridiculously expensive!) and so I tried a few and ended up with Goldafil.

img_20160129_133944I gave it all when it came to topstiching those back pockets! I love that part and this time I was real creative again.

img_20160206_153328 img_20160206_153319

It took me some time to get everything symmetrical and such but I really think it was worth it!

img_20160129_133837 img_20160129_133832

I made all bar tacks red because,, I could! And I love the effect! I tell you I am madly in love with this pair of pants! :D

img_20160129_133923 I think the topstitching is kind of the hardest part of sewing jeans. The pants can fit you super well, but if the topstitching looks poor you won’t wear it. Or I wouldn’t. I am glad I made my first pair of Ginger’s in black and slowly used more and more contrasting topstitching thread this way I could kind of ease into it.

img_20160206_153323Because right now I feel like I know exactly how I want my pants to be. I now were to put my rivets which shade of gold my thread should have and so on.

img_20160129_133903I don’t place rivets at the back pockets like Heather suggest. Sounds a little ‘Princess-and-the-pea-like but I don’t like the way that feels when I spend the while day sitting at a chair starring at my computer in the office.

img_20160129_134037 img_20160129_133830

Before every new pants project I try to convince myself that this time it is time for flat felled seams. Well again I only dared to make the horizontal back seams flat felled. i am really scared of making the seams flat felled at those places where 4 layers of fabric meet! Well, maybe next time. And I kind of like the look of the red serger thread, so I’m not too mad at myself ;)

img_20160206_153204 img_20160206_153413

As you might have noticed (because I said it like 5 times) I am really excited about my new pants! Even Marvins was excited. He had to ask if I really made them! Thanks Marvin! Yes I did!

img_20160206_153051 img_20160206_153120

For some reason I have much more bottoms that I have tops and so I try to make a new top with every bottom I make! And so here you can see my brand new Renfrew Shirt in size 6.

img_20160129_133715 img_20160129_133721

I think it is safe to say that this is m favorite tshirt pattern. What a great outfit airight? Only favourite patterns! The fabric was kind of a desaster. It shifted like made and I had real troubles matching those stripes.

img_20160206_153114 img_20160206_153109

To increase the difficulty (or whatever my reasons were) I decided to add a button band to the tshirt like I did with this tshirt.

img_20160129_133618 img_20160129_133647

I worked according to this German Tutorial.

img_20160129_133628 img_20160129_133739
As a reward for working so hard on tis shifty fabric I treated myself to some beautiful anchor buttons ;)


I hope you’re having a great day! I certainly have in my new favorite patterns outfit :)



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7 thoughts on “Ginger and Renfrew

  1. Lisa

    Wow! Just Wow!!!! Where to begin! LOVE everything….. as usual! Your sense of humor and personality is sewn in all the stitches of this cute pair of jeans from the pocket fabric to the awesome topstitching detail (swoon!) to the red serger thread that only you (and well…. us too) know is there! And the pocket detail! Fantastic! So cute with the perfect shirt. You did a great job on those stripes. It looks as comfy as it does cute. :)

  2. Carolyn

    Wow, yes, your jeans are awesome! I really really love the red thread inside and out too, somehow it just looks so cute to my eye! And I love your pocket design too. I know what you mean about Gutermann’s topstitching thread, I’m a BIG Gutermann’s fan but the topstitching thread is not very stable, I find it unravels and frays so very easily. SO I use the Gutermann’s upholstery thread for topstitching; it’s tough and strong and thick enough, and it doesn’t fray nearly so quickly! :)