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Ginger Jeans

I decided to start with a little destashing and so I finally had the right excuse to cut into some precious denim fabric that I bought ages ago. Initially I planned to make a pair of jeans from it directly after bringing it home and washing it, but then decided to make some more ordinary day to day pants first. So I made two and then decided that 2 pairs of ordinary single-colored pants is more than enough ;) And I really wanted to sew some pants! Because pants! Yay! Continue reading

Selfish Shorts

img_20160920_113216I’m back :) We spent a splendid time in Italy! Weather was great too. People told us we got very lucky with the weather. For our last 5 holidays or so people have told u that, even in Iceland. I started not to feel lucky about the ‘good’ weather but rather anxious. However, global warming is a great excuse to sew more shorts. And as Marvin got 2 new pairs I was eager to treat myself to two new pairs too ;) Continue reading

Ginger Jeans Camas Blouse

img_20160402_170734After finishing my wedding dress I felt the strong urge to finally make jeans again! I really like all the topstitching and all those little details you like hammering in rivets and embroidering back pockets. That is actually the most fun to me, embroidering back pockets. Also I have a lot of denim fabrics in my fabric closet because I keep on buying them, forgetting about the ones I already have, so sewing jeans is kind of a stash buster to me :) Continue reading

Ginger and Renfrew

img_20160206_153408Oh yes, I sewed another pair of jeans. Or two! And this time the pants are actually plain blue! Incredible isn’t it? After a time of red and tie-dyed Ginger jeans it finally hit me that it is time to make some regular old pants! And so last time I went to the fabric markets I kept my eyes open for some dark blue denim and I found some beautiful pieces, indigo died stretch denim for 12.50 € per 1.5 m. Continue reading

Ginger and Lady Skater

img_20151108_143841After having some issues taking photos of my newest jeans I am finally ready to show it to you!:) The weather got better and I was able to take some pictures while I was in homeoffice. We also had great weather last weekend and so I got Marvin to take pictures of a whole new outfit, which consist of those already mentioned new Ginger Jeans and a Lady Skater TShirt. Continue reading


img_20150906_121042Finally it is cold enough here to start thinking about wearing jeans again! And speaking of which: I made another pair of Ginger Jeans, yay! Since I made my first ones I’m obsessed wit this pattern and I don’t think I will try another Jeans pattern in the near future, it seems to be made for my lower body and the instructions are just great! Like with my ginger Gingers I sewed the low rise view A of the pattern in size 8 but made the legs skinny. Continue reading

Ginger in ginger

img_20150613_142419Haaaa, great pun amiright?! :D But okay, my new jeans isn’t really ginger, I think ginger is more brownish red?! My new jeans is more of a redish red! Real red! And I love it! I bought it a store in Stuttgart were I met with other German sewing bloggers in April. We came across a small fabric store and I really fell in love with it. They had so extraordinary fabrics. When everybody was already outside waiting for me I still admired an orange lace fabric that had a dip dye effect! Uuuuuuh, I ended up only buying this real red denim, which was expensive enough, I couldn’t resist, just look at it! Continue reading

MeMadeMay15: Week 4

Week4The last week of may and with it the last week of Me Made May 15 has passed. It was a little more exhausting than the other weeks as I travelled from the far (German) north to the (Italian) south with a short stop Home in south Germany. That forced me not to overthink this weeks outfit and to wear warm as well as summery clothes. The backdrops also changed a lot in the course of this week, here we go: Continue reading

MeMadeMay15: Week 3

Week3I am a little late with my round-up of the third week of me made may 15. The reason for that is that I just returned from a trip to the north sea, where Marvin’s sister got married in a lighthouse. This trip made the picture taking and outfit choosing a little harder, but at least Marvin almost didn’t complain he had to take pictures of me :) Much worse was that I didn’t have access to the Internet! How sucky is that? Continue reading

MeMadeMay15: Week 1

Week1First Me Made May week is over and now it is time to show you what I was wearing!  Turned out that wearing only selfmade garments for the durantion of may is not really possible for me. I first realized that when I needed a rain jacket and afterwards when I went to the gym. I don’t see those kinds of garments as gaps in my wardrobe, it is totally fine for me to not have a self made rain jacket. Continue reading