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1083 – 101 Marvin’s new pair of jeans

Not so long ago I blogged about a pair of jeans that I made for Marvin. I used the Thread Theory Jedediah pants pattern and I wasn’t that satisfied with the outcome. I think the pattern just wasn’t what I was looking for, the cut simply isn’t the style Marvin usually wears and likes. It is a little too wide at the upper leg an too narrow at the lower leg. Thankfully Cornelia commented on the pants, hinting me to a German blog, where someone else hints towards the free jeans patterns of the French company 1083. Continue reading

Ginger Jeans

I decided to start with a little destashing and so I finally had the right excuse to cut into some precious denim fabric that I bought ages ago. Initially I planned to make a pair of jeans from it directly after bringing it home and washing it, but then decided to make some more ordinary day to day pants first. So I made two and then decided that 2 pairs of ordinary single-colored pants is more than enough ;) And I really wanted to sew some pants! Because pants! Yay! Continue reading

Birkin Flares

img_20160502_192024I love sewing jeans. So if some of you thought that it was only a matter of time until I tried the Birkin Flares pattern, they might have been right ;) Those Birkin Flares pop up everywhere right now, but I would have waited with making them. I’m still not sure if I even like Flares and the rise of these pants is really high, not what I’m used to. See the problem is, flared rtw pants always looked stupid on me, because they where too short, like always. I also didn’t fit into high waisted pants, because of my rather wide hips. Continue reading

Jeans Upcycling Bag

img_20160410_123858Again I’m late with my contribution to the German Bag Sew Along Challenge. I have finished the bag at the beginning of April but I didn’t find the time to blog about it. you see I prefer blogging about making clothing. And I really enjoy writing super long post and writing them in German and in English. And that just takes time and thus it is sometimes hard to find the motivation writing about bags. So the fact that I take part in the challenge is what motivates me here. Continue reading

Ginger and Renfrew

img_20160206_153408Oh yes, I sewed another pair of jeans. Or two! And this time the pants are actually plain blue! Incredible isn’t it? After a time of red and tie-dyed Ginger jeans it finally hit me that it is time to make some regular old pants! And so last time I went to the fabric markets I kept my eyes open for some dark blue denim and I found some beautiful pieces, indigo died stretch denim for 12.50 € per 1.5 m. Continue reading


img_20150906_121042Finally it is cold enough here to start thinking about wearing jeans again! And speaking of which: I made another pair of Ginger Jeans, yay! Since I made my first ones I’m obsessed wit this pattern and I don’t think I will try another Jeans pattern in the near future, it seems to be made for my lower body and the instructions are just great! Like with my ginger Gingers I sewed the low rise view A of the pattern in size 8 but made the legs skinny. Continue reading

Ginger in ginger

img_20150613_142419Haaaa, great pun amiright?! :D But okay, my new jeans isn’t really ginger, I think ginger is more brownish red?! My new jeans is more of a redish red! Real red! And I love it! I bought it a store in Stuttgart were I met with other German sewing bloggers in April. We came across a small fabric store and I really fell in love with it. They had so extraordinary fabrics. When everybody was already outside waiting for me I still admired an orange lace fabric that had a dip dye effect! Uuuuuuh, I ended up only buying this real red denim, which was expensive enough, I couldn’t resist, just look at it! Continue reading

MeMadeMay15: Week 2

Week2And the second week of Me Made May 15 has passed! I wore self made clothes throughout the whole week and felt that it was a little harder than last week. The week was a little warmer and I only had to work on Wednesday (it was also the last day in my old job, yay!) so I could wear my dresses and skirts without tights and I spend a lot of time on the balcony. And here comes my round-up: Continue reading


img_20150502_164105I have a lot of denim fabrics in my stash! I’m always on the lookout for denims that look good as a pair jeans without having this used-look. Because that is really hard to obtain. Or rather: I don’t want to try to make my new pair of jeans look used. Anyhow I have so many fabrics in my stash because after my last attempts I was kind of frustrated with sewing jeans. The sewing is really fun but the results were, well, not what I expected. Continue reading