Ginger in ginger

img_20150613_142419Haaaa, great pun amiright?! :D But okay, my new jeans isn’t really ginger, I think ginger is more brownish red?! My new jeans is more of a redish red! Real red! And I love it! I bought it a store in Stuttgart were I met with other German sewing bloggers in April. We came across a small fabric store and I really fell in love with it. They had so extraordinary fabrics. When everybody was already outside waiting for me I still admired an orange lace fabric that had a dip dye effect! Uuuuuuh, I ended up only buying this real red denim, which was expensive enough, I couldn’t resist, just look at it! Luckily I thought of washing this fabric alone, I normally wash all the fabrics I bought together (I think I never came home with only one fabric and I didn’t this time either…) and I had some troubles with the red fabrics, they almost always bled out in the past. As did this one! I gave myself a hard clap on the shoulder, very good to think of that Katharina! Ha!


As you may or may not know I am going to work in Stuttgart from July on and I thought that I will come visit this store more often in the future! But that I made a horrible discovery! The fabric seemed shorter than the 1,50 m I paid for. When I measured it it turned out it was only 1,40 m long. Don’t I have great engineer eyes? :D Might be that the fabric got shorter by washing.. but 10 cm? I don’t think so. And even if, the salesperson could have been more genrous, as this was an expensive fabric.

img_20150613_142458 img_20150613_142504

I again used Ginger, that worked out so fine last time. And again I sewed everything according to the great Sew Along. This time I sewed the skinny legs but stayed with the low rise waist, as my measurements are really awkward, I will try the hight waisted version with another fabric, one that my heart doesn’t eat for that much ;)

img_20150613_142508 img_20150613_142513

Again I cut every piece by itself. And what I mean with this peculiar sentence is that I didn’t cut on fold fabric. And I used my big triangle ruler to cute absolutely parallel to the grain! Must have looked very funny. Me crawling around on the floor with a big triangle ruler! But I’m a civil engineer, what can I say? I love that triangle ruler and it has made my life much easier. Thank you ruler! This time it helped me to prevent the legs from twisting, yes! Okay, they still twist a little, something must be wrong with my legs, but muuuch better than last time! Ha! I am not as happy about that as I am pretending to be, because this means more crawling on the floor (but it also means more time with my triangle rule, so yay!).

img_20150613_142558First time that I didn’t use a triple stitch for topstitching but instead used thicker topstitching thread! Okay, not the first time. I did this one and destroyed my machine. But sometimes you just have to dare things, you know?! :D So I tried it again with more caution. I didn’t backstitch, I used regular bobbing thread and increased the stitch length and everything worked out fine! Ha! Looks much better too I think. And takes a lot less time, even if you have to switch from regular to topstitching thread all the time.

img_20150613_142344This time I applied the rivets directly after I had sewn all the seams (and topstitched them) that are next to them, worked out great!

img_20150613_142611The instructions call for a 14 cm zipper. 10 cm is absolutely long enough in my experience. Heather just sews over the remaining 4 cm and cuts them off. She says that, because she was always careful, she never broke a needle by sewing over the zipper. Guess what I did? I broke my needle in my first attempt! Sounds like me!

img_20150613_142632I again basted everything together before I really started, to check the fit! And despite that I didn’t change much after I sewed the first pair, the jeans were too tight! Good thing I checked the fit. I was under the impression, that the fabric was stretchier than the one I used for my first pair. I think I must have gotten this impression because the fabric is thinner. It actually is has less stretch.. I let the seam allowance out a bit at my hips, everything is a bit tight, but in my experience jeans wear out over the time, so I like to make them tighter rather than too loose.

img_20150613_142524 img_20150613_134400

I lengthened the crotch seam for this Jeans, was a bit too short before and no there a no crinkles at my behind.

I kinda feel like the mistress of jeansmaking now. But I have to admit that most of the credit belong to this great sewing pattern and the very explicit instructions, thank you Heather Loo! :) If you’re thinking about making jeans you should try this pattern!

img_20150613_134348I used leftover for the inside things of the jeans, I love it to use my leftovers especially when they match the fabric so well!


I am taking my new jeans over to SewItChicInAWeek and



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9 thoughts on “Ginger in ginger

  1. Monserratt Lopez

    Hi Kat,
    I really like these!!!
    I want to make a pair for me, but the last time I tried, the muslin didn’t seem to work out so well… I’ll just have to try again. Everyone raves about the sewalong!! I should try it! :)
    I love the color!

    1. Katharina Post author

      Thanks! :) Heather worked a little on the pattern, so before you start you might want to have a look at the new version, maybe it works out better! Good look to you!

  2. Helena

    These look amazing and I want them in my closet right now! That color is beautiful and you got a really great fit! I have not made this pattern yet but I need to.

  3. Noelle

    Wow – hot jeans! I hate when fabric is cut short — my favorite place always gives generous cuts which makes it much easier for my to buy expensive fabrics. ;-)

  4. Caroline

    These are awesome Katharina! The fabric colour is amazing and you have made such a great fitting pair of jeans. Nice work there x
    I am in the middle of making some shorts (before making trousers) from the Named Alpi pattern. The annoying thing was I forgot to trace the pattern with seam allowance so they are a little ‘tight’. I will have to re-trace the pattern and start again!

    1. Katharina Post author

      Thanks Caroline :) I hate it when seam allowances are not included in the pattern, ugh! Nevertheless I am excited to see those shorts! :)

  5. Lisa

    Agree with other commenters that these jeans look amazing on you! Gorgeous fabric and you dealt with it well. Your attention to detail shows in such a fantastic pair of jeans! Red suits you well. You look great! Good luck in your new job! :)

  6. Joanna Kostrzewa

    The fabric is gorgeous, no wonder you had to buy it! *^o^* I love the inside fabric of your jeans, what a surprise! ^^
    I never cut the pattern pieces on folded fabric, I prefer to be sure and draw everything separately.