Hawthorn again

img_20150823_102645Yay, may third Hawthorn, I simply love this pattern. I don’t even think it isthe most beautiful button up dress pattern out there but it definetly is the most fun to sew that I know of! It is easy and fast and you don’t need to be extra neat but it does look extra neat! :) I really like the simple collar, it doesn’t look too formal and it looks great underneath sweaters and cardigans. I might even say, that the first Hawthorn I made is my favourite dress. Especially in combination with my Hetty cardigan. Oh how I love this combination!You see: I needed to make another one. Especially because I haven’t made the short sleeved version yet and I needed one for summer in the office. I didn’t change much since I made my last Hawthorn. I lowered the bust darts a little, bur that’s all. I sewed size 2 an lengthened as usual for me.


Again I cut the back skirt on fold. I still don’t know why I shouldn’t but Colette recommends to cut 2 several pieces and sew them together at the centre back. the grain line runs perpendicular to the centre back. Maybe it’s because otherwise you would get problems with fabrics that aren’t that wide. But mine was wide and so I cut on the fold.

img_20150823_102605 img_20150823_102817

I bought the fabric in my favourite store. Well, I didn’t buy it, Marvin’s mother bought it for me and the store isn’t my favourite store anymore because it is now too far away from where I live. But I always try to visit when we’re visiting Marvin’s parents. Somehow I had troubles finding something in that store. i think that was because in my head I mad this store better than it actually is and when I didn’t find anything within the first 10 minutes I got kind of disappointed and didn’t feel like buying anything anymore. Stupid. But thankfully Susanne bought me this fabric that I wasn’t that enthusiastic about back then but back home I was so glad she got it for me! It is a great fabric to sew blouses or dresses from. It is cotton that has a medium weight and it was a pleasure to sew with.

img_20150823_102548 I’m so proud that I remebered to add in seam pockets! Yay! That’s kind of the best thing about sewing garments: you can have pockets in everything ;) Also I added bias binding to the facings on the inside. Just becaus I thought it looked nice. I had some sateen binding laying around here and I remembered Joanna’s tip that it is much less stiff than the RTW cotton bias binding and I think she’s right!

img_20150823_105531 img_20150823_102726

I bought lots of those buttons and I think they look great on that dress!

img_20150823_102747I think the short sleeved variation of the dress is the most easy to sew. It wasn’t hard getting the sleeves in and they are finished with bias binding! Easy!

img_20150823_102645Again I used the sewalong which is great and very explanatory. I always learn a lot working according to Colette’s sewalongs, but I think after the third dress I might do the next one in me sleep without any instructions :)


Habt nen schönen Tag und macht’s gut!


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2 thoughts on “Hawthorn again

  1. Lisa

    Yay for pockets in everything! :) You have definitely got the fit perfect, and so glad Marvin’s mother got that pretty fabric for you! The bias binding on the facings are nice. This is one of my favorites for you too. :)