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Faux Knit Dress

Slowly the temperatures are finally dropping and I can start thinking about wearing knitwear again :) I have knitted over the summer but the things I made were just too warm to wear even just for taking pictures. So I think I will drop them one by one on the blog in next coming weeks :) For the next summer I have taken measures into my own hands: I made a faux knit dress! Continue reading

Emery Dress the Second

img_20160703_124522As announced in my post on my first attempt on the Emery Dress pattern, I adapted the pattern’s bodice a lot and sewed a second version. I had problems with a gaping neckline and some weird sitting bust darts at the first attempt. I wore this dress three times since I showed it here and already the fabric is starting to unravel itself at the bust darts stitching. Also the gaping of the front neckline really annoys me and I don’t think this dress will last until next summer, maybe it will not even last this summer. Continue reading

Emery Dress

img_20160612_160649Last I week I mentioned that I gave the Emery Dress Pattern a try! Well here it is! I thought a lot about buying this pattern for the last two years. The thing is that there is nothing special about it and I really don’t like the product pictures of this dress. Looks ultra conservative to me. But there are so many adorably cute version out there in the Internet. The dress features horizontal and vertical bust darts, vertical back darts at the top and the bottom of the bodice, a fitted bodice and flared, gathered skirt and sleeves, either short or 3/4 length. Continue reading