Ginger Jeans

I decided to start with a little destashing and so I finally had the right excuse to cut into some precious denim fabric that I bought ages ago. Initially I planned to make a pair of jeans from it directly after bringing it home and washing it, but then decided to make some more ordinary day to day pants first. So I made two and then decided that 2 pairs of ordinary single-colored pants is more than enough ;) And I really wanted to sew some pants! Because pants! Yay!Even though I love making them I only have two patterns in my stash. Ginger Jeans and Birkin Flares. And because I wanted the fabric to be the eye-catcher I decided to go with the Ginger Jeans pattern. And because it is my favorite of all pattern, obviously! I can sew a pair of gingers in my sleep and I love every single pair I have made so far.

I went with view A this time. Lower waist, because I find that more comfortable, and a little wider legs because I think that looks better with most of my winter boots.

I didn’t change anything pattern-wise. Never change a fitting pattern, you know ;) My pattern is a size 8 with some minor modifications to fit my body but nothing drastic. I cut the legs a little bit longer this time because I wanted them to have some over length. And i took special care to really cut on grain this time. Phoebe linked me a PDF about leg twist and how to reduce is that was very informative.

So this time I placed the two fronts next to each other and the two backs next to each other like it is advised in the PDF. I also drew the pattern pieces on the fabric before cutting, which I normally don’t d, because I am too lazy. I can’t really tell if that helped. Usually the right leg twits. And this is the first pair where it doesn’t. But as you can see now the left leg twists. How did that happen? :D

I like to a lot about the details before I sew a pair of pants. And I always think very hard about the color of the topstitching thread. And I always end up using yellow thread! Why am i even putting time into this? :D

Another thing I like to obsess about with pants is the back pocket design! This time I made things easy on myself and picked a design from the ClosetCaseFiles back pocket designs pdf. I decided to sew the little loop only on one pocket though.

I also always thing about slat felling some seams. but as I had doing that, I simply serged them all. As with my previous three pairs or so I used red serger thread and I also sewed all the bar tacks with read thread. I can’t help myself I simply love how that looks!

I bought that denim fabric at a local market. There is something about acid stains on denim that makes me forget that I really don’t need more denim fabric, haha. I could not resist! The fabric has a relatively high stretch amount I think, must be like 6 % elasthane or something and it is sooo comfortable to wear. How could I have resisted?!So I bought it and put it into my closet for about a year, haha, I guess I really needed it…

The pocket fabric is the last left over of some quilting cotton that I made my first Hawthorn dress from. It seems like this was ages ago! I still love wearing the dress but I had to redo some seams over time. The hem was screw and something was really off about the way I finished the arm holes.

Although I would like to write some more there really isn’t anything more to say about the pattern or the pants! If you have questions I’d love to answer them in the comments. And if you want to keep reading, here is the post about the flannel shirt I’m wearing.

I will be wearing this exact outfit today afternoon on my flight to Stockholm, yay! If you have some insider tips on what to look at in Stockholm I’d love to hear them :)

Macht’s gut!





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6 thoughts on “Ginger Jeans

  1. Kim

    I love the pants! I don’t know why I’ve never tried jeans, it’s been years since I bought the supplies. Those look amazing on you and I love all the details!

  2. Lisa

    What an awesomely cute outfit! LOVE those jeans! And yes! yellow top-stitching (with red bar tacks and zipper!) are always perfect. Always enjoy reading about your thought processes! :)