MeMadeMay15: Week 4

Week4The last week of may and with it the last week of Me Made May 15 has passed. It was a little more exhausting than the other weeks as I travelled from the far (German) north to the (Italian) south with a short stop Home in south Germany. That forced me not to overthink this weeks outfit and to wear warm as well as summery clothes. The backdrops also changed a lot in the course of this week, here we go:

Monday, 25.05.15


I travelled back from the far north to the south of germany. Deutsche Bahn fortunatly stopped striking and we got home without any troubles. Unfortenautely my suitcase wasn’t big enough to carry another outfit that I didn’t already wear the weak before. So I wore my Belladone again with my Peacock Eyes Cardigan.

Tuesday, 26.05.15


I didn’t really leave the house. I packed for our vacation in Italy and did a little grocery shopping and such, I wore a Flora Dress together with a Julia Cardigan because this was the last chance to wear them in May, as I didn’t take them with me.

Wednesday, 27.05.15


Wednesday was travel day! I planed on wearing a dress but decided against it at the last second. My Sailor Shorts are much more comfortable especially if you have to set up a caravan :) At the beginning of the journey I also wore a  PowPowJuna Jacke until it got too hot. Underneath I wore a Renfrew Top. Travelling to Italy went really smooth! And the landscapes were just beautiful especially in Switzerland. Our car broke down again on the last 30 kM, but we already had it fixed. Damn car…

Thursday, 28.05.15


First real vacation day in Italy! I wore my Gillian Wrap Dress, perfect for camping! I don’t wear glasses on my vacations. Only if I have to drive, just hate it to sweat on my nose :D

Friday, 29.05.15


First day at the beach. I wore a yet unblogged Bikini and it didn’t fall off of me, yay :) Later that day Marvin took pictures of my new Lady Skater Dress at the beach and on the way I wore my Agatha Cardigan, as in the evenings it is still chilly here.

Saturday, 30.05.15


This picture really looks like campground, doesn’t it? Time for my beloved Bonnell Dress! Really cool is, that I don’t get cold on the places where the Cut-Outs are, don’t know why, but super practical! ;)

Sunday, 31.05.15


Last day of May and I was wearing another combination of Bikini and Lady Skater Dress. This Bikini is also still unblogged! The Lady Skater has a modified neckline and has no sleeves and I truly love ta fabric! ;)

My Me Made May had its ups and downs. In week 3 I overthought my outfits and I needed to kind of force myself to continue. But overall it was a good experience for me. I had a lot of fun seeing the photos of all the participants from all over the world, it inspired me a lot and I got to know seamstresses from all over the world. It was also a great experience to get so much feedback and comments on my outfits. I didn’t identify gaps or anything in my closet. But that wasn’t really my intention.. I could use some more Jeans tho.. But I already have a lot of RTW Jeans, so I don’t really need them. What I realize now at the end of May is that I often spare my self made clothes, they are too goof to get worn often. I think I do that because when I bought RTW clothes that really fir I had to spare them, because they were so hard to get. But I realized that now it is a good thing when things get worn out, that means, I can sew new ones and I’m still in that phase were you get better at sewing like every month. So I am now determined to wear the shit out of my sewn and knitted clothes no matter if I’m overdressed or not! And I’m right now so excited and wonder how this realisation took me so long!


I also let go a little more of my fear to write in English. At the beginning of May I still struggled with leaving comments, because the right words were kind of missing, but at the end I realized that this got a lot better. And it can only get better if a write more. BTW I’m glad if you correct me or write me if you don’t understand what I’m writing, feedback always helps me a lot :)

If you want you can now tale a look at week 1, week 2 and week 3 or at the Flickr Group.

Thanks to all who have particapted in any form at Me Made May 15. It was such a great experience! And thank you all for those nice comments that kept me motivated :) I loved beeing part of such a creative community! :)

I’ll now be returning to my vacation and hope you have a great June! :)


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13 thoughts on “MeMadeMay15: Week 4

  1. Kathrin

    Hi Katharina,
    I enjoyed seeing your me-made wardrobe a lot. Thank you for the time you spent on leaving kind comments! I think I will be following your blog on bloglovin so I don’t have to miss your outfits completely!
    And you should absolutely go on and wear the crap out of your garments! As should I ;) Otherwise what use are they? ;) See you soon. Kathrin

  2. Caroline

    Hi Katharina,
    As others have said I think you should definitely wear the crap out of your me-made garments because they are all so bloody awesome!
    I have really enjoyed seeing how you wear your clothes during me-made-may and I am excited about having another fantastic sewing blog to follow!
    Also kudos to you for blogging in English – you are a superstar.

  3. Mema

    Hallo Fröbelina,
    da hast du ja eine tolle, variantenreiche und sehr gut genähte Maigarderobe gezeigt. Es war mir eine Freude sie zu sehen. Und es gab auch tolle Fotos dazu. Gruß Mema

  4. Lisa

    I enjoyed ‘meeting’ you this past Me-Made-May and looked forward to seeing what lovely outfit you’d be wearing each day. Your English is great and I had no idea there might be any struggles. I enjoyed reading your summary here and completely agree with how we look at wearing our handmade garments. Some days I felt maybe a little ‘overdressed’ for the day at first…. but as the day went by, the outfit seemed to be ‘just right’. Have a great rest of your vacation and I look forward to seeing what else you’ll be making! :)

    1. Katharina Post author

      Thank you so much Lisa! I looked forward to seeing your outfits everyday, too! :) At the beginning of MMM I only wrote comments like “cute outfit” because I was unsure about the right expressions. At some point I dared to wrote what’s on my mind and sometimes it just didn’t sound right but I stopped caring, which was great! Thank for your kind words! :)

  5. Hana

    Hi Katharina, I am enjoyed your MMMay the whole month :) You had so many great dresses and pretty cardigan. As I mentioned in mmmay flickr, I can not wait to read your bikini post :)

    Your English is so good, don’t worry about that :)
    I am still learning to speak English too. I am originally from Indonesia and living in Macau-China.