MeMadeMay Week 4

May is over and it didn’t disappointed. There were some rainy and cold days and some extremely warm and sunny ones. I wore knitted sweaters and summer dresses, a rain coat and a swim suit. For the last time this year I ant to show you what I wore last week.
Wednesday I pulled my favorite Lady Skater Dress out of my closet again, yay! It has peacocks on it and it is yellow. I thought I didn’t like yellow but I love this dress. And to my own astonishment yellow does not look as bad on my as I thought. I think I might need a yellow cardigan now.

Thursday was a holiday and two festivals were taking place here in Weingarten. We visited one and ate some sausages and cake. I wore my first Bonnell Dress and for the first time you can see a bag in the picture. This is my Lula Louise shoulder bag, that I wear everytime I leave the house. Except for when I leave the house to go to work, then I take my Freedom Backpack with me.

I tok Friday off and thus had a very long weekend :) The weather was great and so i could try out my new silk top, that I finished the day before, it was great and breezy :) I wore a pair of Ginger Shorts with it.

Saturday I met with a lot of other sewing bloggers in Stuttgart. I had been keeping my Watermelon Dress in the closet all May to wear it on this occasion. And it didn’t disappoint :) It was great seeing so many women dressed up in beautiful handmade clothes and I had a lot if fun talking to old and new acquaintances :)

Sunday I spent most of the day on our north-facing balcony. It was bearable ;) In the evening Marvin and I went out to get some ice cream and i wore my hacked Chataigne Shorts and an unblogged top, that I made from a pattern from a German designer.

Monday it was definitely too hot to wear tights to the office. I wore a flowery Belladone Dress. And it still was way too hot.

Because of the crazy heat on Monday I wore one of my breeziest dresses on Tuesday, the rayon Bonnell Dress that has no cut outs, because work! In an office without A/C :(

Today, on the last day of May, I’m wearing the first Kelly Skirt I ever made together with a sleeveless Bruyere blouse.

And that’s it! I’m not that sad that I now can put the camera away, but it was fun documenting my outfits. That was my goal this year, to have fun. And I had to remind myself of that several times when i was standing in front of my closet for too long, not knowing what to wear.

I didn’t have any difficulties wearing memade clothes all May long. That was different two years ago, I slowly but steadily built myself a memade wardrobe. I think the reason why I had the persistence to do that and the reason why I still like sewing and knitting so much is, that I never pressured myself to produce beautiful clothes. For me it was always about the sewing/knitting process itself and not about the outcome. I always had to remind myself of that when the outcome wasn’t as I wanted it to be and every time I failed. But when it is about the process there is no such thing as failure, every time you actually knit or sew is a win, no matter the outcome.

MeMadeMay helped to me trust in my self made garments and to appreciate and wear them with pride, thank you all for encouraging me and others with your remarks and kind comments.


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5 thoughts on “MeMadeMay Week 4

  1. Caroline

    Some fab outfits again this week. What a coincidence I have just finished making a red Bonnell dress with no cut-outs this week – spooky! They say great minds think alike!!
    I have really enjoyed seeing how you have put together your me-made wardrobe this year. You have a beautiful collection of me-made garments that you should be very proud of!

  2. Rosemary

    I know that I am rather late but I just wanted to say what a great me made wardrobe, you always look so cool and smart. I also love the peacock dress and you look great in it.