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OAL 2016: Zinone and Kelly

img_20160724_112904As promised I’m showing you my second Outfit Along outfit. Quick reminder: the outfit along is a yearly challenge to knit one part of an outfit and sew another. Lauren manages the swing part and Andi picks the pattern and helps with the knitting part. I finished my first outfit about a month ago, I sewed shorts and knitted a top and I decided to make another outfit because I still had some time and because I wanted too ;P Continue reading

Kelly in wild!

img_20151104_133057Do you know that situation were you told your grandma that you liked something and afterwards there won’t be a Christmas or birthday where you don’t get that exact thing from her as a present? Well, in that matter, I am my own grandma. There was I time when I thought that a could use one or two more skirts and recently I find myself sewing one skirt after the other in the moment. Continue reading

MeMadeMay15: Week 2

Week2And the second week of Me Made May 15 has passed! I wore self made clothes throughout the whole week and felt that it was a little harder than last week. The week was a little warmer and I only had to work on Wednesday (it was also the last day in my old job, yay!) so I could wear my dresses and skirts without tights and I spend a lot of time on the balcony. And here comes my round-up: Continue reading