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Pleather Skirt

img_20160429_130429The reason why I didn’t mention the pattern in this post’s title is to get you at least a little bit excited. I might have sewn another pattern that I already have like 5 times in my closet, oh well. But as this project started with the fabric, I will tell you its story starting with the fabric. Believe me, this fabric is special. I found it in my favorite fabric store, which is located in Moers. I used to live nearby, but when we started working, Marvin and I moved like 400 km south. Even though I found fabric stores near where I live now, this fabric store has remained my favorite one. Continue reading

Hollyburn and Nettie

img_20151122_155452Today’s post has everything! A pattern that I’ve already made several times, a skirt and a new pattern! But there is almost no blue colour in it today. But a lot of red which seems to be my favourite colour as soon as temperatures drop and believe me: they’re dropping like mad these days. It is freezing here over in Germany. But well, there is no bad weather there is only inappropriate clothing! A good reason to sew something new to keep me from freezing ;) Continue reading

MeMadeMay15: Week 3

Week3I am a little late with my round-up of the third week of me made may 15. The reason for that is that I just returned from a trip to the north sea, where Marvin’s sister got married in a lighthouse. This trip made the picture taking and outfit choosing a little harder, but at least Marvin almost didn’t complain he had to take pictures of me :) Much worse was that I didn’t have access to the Internet! How sucky is that? Continue reading

MeMadeMay15: Week 2

Week2And the second week of Me Made May 15 has passed! I wore self made clothes throughout the whole week and felt that it was a little harder than last week. The week was a little warmer and I only had to work on Wednesday (it was also the last day in my old job, yay!) so I could wear my dresses and skirts without tights and I spend a lot of time on the balcony. And here comes my round-up: Continue reading

MeMadeMay15: Week 1

Week1First Me Made May week is over and now it is time to show you what I was wearing!  Turned out that wearing only selfmade garments for the durantion of may is not really possible for me. I first realized that when I needed a rain jacket and afterwards when I went to the gym. I don’t see those kinds of garments as gaps in my wardrobe, it is totally fine for me to not have a self made rain jacket. Continue reading