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Color gradient sweater

img_20161204_124311Almost 3 and a half years ago I knitted myself a color gradient sweater. I knitted it from some relatively thick cotton yarn and ended up using 7.0 mm needles and a lot of yarn. To achieve a kind of gradient color I knitted with 3 threads at a time, always changing the color of a single thread one at a time. The pullover was meant to be worn in spring but it got too thick for that and as it was knitted from cotton it also wasn‘t warm, enough to be worn during winter. Continue reading

Navy Miette

img_20151230_160046I hope you had a good start in 2016! I certainly had. A lot of knitting, hanging on the sofa, sewing, taking walks and eating. Our neighbor partied a lot. Since Christmas we heard basses all day and night long. And some guy shouting ‘yappaaa’ every half hour. For quite some time now he doesn’t even open the door, when we try to complain and our landlord stopped answering the phone (and on sunday we found dog turd on our neighbor’s balcony… at least I hope it was dog turd.. he doesn’t own a dog..) Continue reading

MeMadeMay15: Week 1

Week1First Me Made May week is over and now it is time to show you what I was wearing!  Turned out that wearing only selfmade garments for the durantion of may is not really possible for me. I first realized that when I needed a rain jacket and afterwards when I went to the gym. I don’t see those kinds of garments as gaps in my wardrobe, it is totally fine for me to not have a self made rain jacket. Continue reading