MeMadeMay15: Week 1

Week1First Me Made May week is over and now it is time to show you what I was wearing!  Turned out that wearing only selfmade garments for the durantion of may is not really possible for me. I first realized that when I needed a rain jacket and afterwards when I went to the gym. I don’t see those kinds of garments as gaps in my wardrobe, it is totally fine for me to not have a self made rain jacket. So what I did was readjust my goal. I am going to wear me made clothes every time I can decide between bought and selfmade clothes. I also had minor troubles on the weekends. Some days I left the house just to actually wear anything else than my cill-out clothes ;) But I think that is a good thing ;)

So here comes the first week:

Friday, 01.05.15:


A really rainy day! What I did was hanging on my couch! And finally shortening my Still Light Tunic. I wore it directly afterwards :)

Saturday, 02.05.15:


Weather was a little nicer and so Marvin and I went out for a walk. I wore my racoon Belladone and the matching Astoria Sweater.

Sunday, 03.05.15:


I thought that I could wear my flanel Dahlia dress as long as the temperatures aren’t that high! I hop that I won’t have to wear it again until October :)

Monday, 04.05.15:


Same fabric as on Sunday, but in another color! My Zsalya blouse matches nearly perfectly with my burda jeans, ha, I didn’t that before Me Made May :)

Tuesday, 05.05.15:


I stated the day in another outfit. But I didn’t like it and changed into my navy Hollyburn Skirt and a  Renfrew I recently sewed during a panic attack before Me Made May. I also sewed a tshirt for Marvin from this fabric.

Wednesday, 06.05.15:


Wednesday I wore my first pair of Ginger jeans! It got a little wide over the day, I think more elasthane would help! I wore a blouse I test sewed for Lillith&Eve. It is their first pattern and is called  LE101, I promised to to write about my experience during the test sewing, because that does not represent the final product. Okay! What I can tell you is that I was not interested in doing a review on the final pattern. But here are some additional photos for you:

Chel_Front_KatharinaKalisch Chel_Back_KatharinaKalisch Chel_SideView_KatharinaKalisch

The fabric is from my visit to Maastricht and the black one is from Ikea.

Thursday, 07.05.15: 20150507

I wore my Moneta! And because I didn’t have matching shoes, so I bought new ones ;)

Friday, 08.05.15:


It was Themeday over at Me Made May! Fridays Theme was “sewing space”. So I took a photo of me in my sewing room! That was kind of hard, because my sewing room is small and square. I am not really satisfied with the photo, but I did what I could! :) I am wearing my denim Hawthorn and on the left side you can see the front skirt of a new dress :)

Saturday, 09.05.15: 20150509

I wasn’t out much that day. But I convinced Marvin to take a walk with me in my Outfit Along 2014 outfit, Cambie dress and Myrna cardi. Now I got blisters on my feet, but the shoes are adorable aren’t they?!

Sunday, 10.05.15:

20150510 Today the weather is great and I am wearing my all time favourite outfit: burda dress and Miette cardi. The dress has started falling apart, up until now I was always able to fix it, but I am afraid it won’t survive this summer.

Okay, that was a little more than a week, but as may end on a Sunday I thought it would be nicer to make one bigger round up.:)

Taking photos was surprisingly easy. I set a the camera behind the door of the living room and every day I take a photo and upload it directly on my tablet where I upload it to Flickr. I thought that would be tougher. I really had a lot of fun participating up until now! :) Looking at so many differenet outfits and thinking about what I could wear :)

If you want to take a look at the official Flickr Me Made May group click here, to get to my profile on Flicks and see what I wear every day click here.


I’m looking forward to next week :)

– Katharina




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6 thoughts on “MeMadeMay15: Week 1

  1. Joanna Kostrzewa

    You did great! I love your dresses and cardigans. *^o^*
    I also don’t have any me-made gym clothes or raincoat, but my goal is to take my me-mades out of the wardrobe and into an open air more often, and see what’s really wearable and nice and what should go.
    Looking forward to the next week!

  2. Caroline

    You have a great selection of me-made garments and they are so beautifully made. And yes, those red shoes are lovely!
    I wouldn’t worry about no hand-made raincoat etc. because there are no rules to MMM other than your own. I’m looking forward to seeing your week 3 outfits.

  3. Noelle

    Your global bursa really is lovely. Sad that it may not survive the summer! Oh, but I guess that means you’ll need to make some new dresses. ☺️