Me Made May 18 – Week 3

May is slowly coming to its end, however the content of my closet is not. I think I have enough clothes to fill another me made month.. At least half a month. Sadly I haven’t identified gaps in my wardrobe that would justify sewing even more clothes. However I realized that my backpack starts falling apart and I already ordered some supplies to make a new one. And here comes my third week of this year’s Me Made May:

Eighteenth Day

I worked from home and thus spent most of the day in not so fancy clothing :) In the evening however we wentdrove to visit Marvin’s family over the weekend and I wore my Gilian Wrap Dress which is a great dress for long drives as it is pretty comfortable. And I also like how it looks!

Nineteenth Day

The picture was taken in Wesel, where we celebrated Marvins’ aunt’s Birthday. I also had time to pay my favorite fabric store a visit and bought some fabric and stuff :) I wore a Belladone Dress and a cropped wool jacket and got complimented on both items in the store, of course! I love this store!

Twentieths Day

As last year we went to the Flachsmarkt, a medieval inspired market that takes place all around the castle Linn. The market is all about ancient crafts and though it was warm and crowded we had a lot of fun. I wore my Anna Dress and of course took my backpack with me :)

Twenty-first Day

We went back home and I wore another knit dress that was pretty comfortable on the drive. We took a short walk after we arrived and Marvin was kind enough to take a picture :)

Twenty-second Day

In an old time favorite outfit, consisting of Hawthorn dress and Hetty cardigan, I went to the office.

Twenty-third Day

I wore the Darling Ranges Dress for a walk Marvin and I took during lunch break. We both worked from home. This dress hasn’t become a favorite. I’m not sure if it is the fabric, the neckline or the sleeve length, or all of those.

Twenty-forth Day

I thought I should wear some pants this week also ;) So I went to the office in a pair of red Gingers and a sleeveless shirt.

And that’s it for this week. I didn’t have that much time thus far in May to write regular posts and I hope I will get into that this weekend maybe. However writing Me Made May posts is a nice change for a while :)

I haven’t had any major insights this May so far. But it was nice to be motivated to wear pretty dresses even when I only leave the house to take a walk after work.

Here’s week 1 and here’s week 2.

Have a great last week of May :)

Bis dann!





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3 thoughts on “Me Made May 18 – Week 3

  1. Caroline J

    A lovely array of me-made clothes this week Kat.
    I am working from home this week too but wearing my DIY clothes for house renovations but I love your commitment to get out and have a walk in the fresh air with Marvin on your lunch break. Such a lovely way to spend some time together whilst not in work mode!
    I love your Anna dress (I am yet to make one!) and the Gillian wrap dress. Such pretty fabric choices for these.