Me Made May 18 – Week 4

May went by pretty quickly. And I wore all of my favorite dresses this last week ;) Well, not all of them, I sill have some pretty dresses waiting to get a chance to get worn this summer. Me Made May motivated me to wear those clothes that usually don’t get out that often an reassess if I should keep them or get rid of them.Here comes the final week:

Twenty-fifth Day

Marvin and I went for a walk in the evening after work and  I wore Birkin Shorts and a knitted top. I wear the top a lot, the shorts not that often.

Twenty-sixth Day

As you can see I spent some time in my sewing room, cutting out a new dress and finishing the yarn you can see on the right. Marvin and I also went swimming, on the picture I’m wearing a swim suit underneath a knitted linen top and a flamingo skirt that I got complimented on when I went to get pastries at the local bakery :)

Twenty-seventh Day

It is pretty hot, way too hot for May. Time to get the summer dresses out. I started with a halter neck dress and took it out to get ice cream :)

Twenty-eighth Day

Not much happened, except for that I wore a pretty dress :)

Twenty-ninth Day

Another day in the (super hot) office. Though temperatures have gone down a little wearing anything more than a dress would have been too much.

Thirtieth Day

I wore my water melon dress during lunch break, first time this year that the dress got out. It is a real summer dress, very light and breezy but with a skirt that makes it look a like a modest summer dress I think. So I do wear the dress to the office during summer

Thirty-first Day

Marvin and I went for ice cream and a walk. In the backdrop you can see the center of the town I live in. The ice cream is great here! :) I wore another summer dress, that also had its first outing this year. However i think I have worn it every single May since I started participating in me made may, so this dress should be familiar to you by now ;)

And that’s it, May is over! And it had everything. I saw sow when I went hiking in Sweden and I wore summer dresses and went swimming. This Me Made May wasn’t much of a hassle for me, taking daily picture became routine pretty quickly. I am a little sad though that I wasn’t actively part of a group as I had been when there still were people participating on Flickr. I’m glad some people publish their outfits on their blogs though :)

How about you? Did you enjoy reading my Me Made May posts? I’m not sure whether I am going to repeat the whole thing next year. It is fun, but I feel like I’m repeating myself a little ;).

If you want to recapitulate here is week 1, week 2 and week 3.

Macht’s gut!




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4 thoughts on “Me Made May 18 – Week 4

  1. Lisa

    Love seeing all your lovely handmades during this month….. and seeing a little glimpse of your life and days. You live in a beautifully picturesque city!! And ice cream is always good!!! Since mmm moved to IG it is very different than the Flickr platform…. just got through writing about that myself including some statistics of how its grown…. but I think, most of all, it is really what each of us personally make this month out to be that’s important. If you enjoy participating in this way, then by all means please do!!! Your blog is the perfect place to collect your photos and thoughts and all the rest of us enjoy seeing your creative work. :)

    1. Katharina Post author

      Thanks Lisa :)
      There are some old buildings in my city, but it gets even more picturesque the deeper you get into the Black Forest :)
      I’ve seen that you posted your conclusion but haven’t gotten around to reading it, I’m looking forward to it :)

  2. Roni

    I enjoy reading your posts and prefer blog content over IG! MMM is as about learning how other people live as is about the clothes. I hope you will participate again next year so I can “join” your travels. Also – I love your “hiking dress” for a while ago, such a great idea!